Vintage Drama Story

I always felt like a girl from another era. My taste and curiosity for fashion and lifestyle from the decades long gone led me to collecting Vintage & Antique items over the past few years. This was long before today's sudden trend for vintage. With experience I acquired a super power of voguish predict, which made me realise while my long time dream is to own a vintage boutique one day, that the time had come for me to share my passion with the world by creating this online shop. Everything you will see here is curated with love and nothing less than love. Every piece is my personal favourite, because every treasure I acquire sparks joy in me. It definitely will not be easy to let them go, but I'm at the point in my life where I know for sure that it will make me happier.
In my mind's eye I already imagine how someone asks you: "Where did you get that beautiful piece?" And you answer: "It's Vintage Drama". That my darlings, is the Chicest answer ever.  ~ Tamara ~